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Chris Price Principal Advisor, Adventus Education

Highly qualified international educationist & a Digital Marketeer with 20 years of experience in lecturing and recruiting students for higher education in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia & Netherlands

Top 20 reasons to study overseas or do a local international qualification

Over the last 20 years I have been advising students about the possibilities for study abroad (or doing a international qualification closer to home). This has given me the opportunity to read through thousands of student case studies, and it made me realise just how much students miss out if they don't study abroad during some or part of their higher education degree course. It also means I'm in the perfect position to write this list - an assimilation of their (and my!) top tips and biggest benefits in hindsight - all in one place.

Here are 20 reasons

(There are many more - these are the best ones!) to study abroad and make the most of every second you're away...)

01The majority of graduates describe it as the best thing they have ever done in terms of studies and personal experiences

02If you are studying while you’re abroad you may have the opportunity to study new subjects or learn form top professors, sometimes not available to you at your home university.

03You become very self-sufficient and independent and you grow up a lot and very quickly.

04You meet people from other countries who are a useful international network and may be helpful for your career. These people often become friends for life.

05You will understand foreign customs and traditions, which will be helpful for international business negotiations in future.

06Employers are fascinated and impressed by your year abroad experiences in interviews. Many graduates find that their future career direction is influenced by what they do on their year abroad. You can offer international business development to any company you choose to work for.

07Not many students study abroad, it is something unique and noteworthy on your CV that will help you to stand out.

08If you are considering moving abroad after you graduate, perhaps to develop your career, you can scout around for a place to live and make useful contacts to pave your way.

09If you work on your time abroad, then when you enter the job market on graduation you will already have real life work experience on your CV. Many students have found that the company they worked for as part of their studies (like an internship or work placement) offers them a placement after they graduate.

10If you study at a prestigious foreign university on your year abroad it will look fantastic on your CV.

11There is often funding available to you – grants and scholarships on top of your sponsorships.

12Once home you have more to say for yourself, so you become more confident and better at networking, leading to better job opportunities.

13Your social media updates will make everyone outrageously jealous and want to come and visit you.

14Once you’re back, you can begin conversations with ‘when I lived in [insert country]’. Very cool.

15You can practice your hobbies in a new environment with new equipment to test your adaptability, develop and enhance your skills.

16You might spot a product or service that isn’t offered back home which you can turn into an entrepreneurial business opportunity.

17You can learn about the local art, history and culture to understand about the world from a new perspective.

18You can get out of your comfort zone. Back home, you shop at the same supermarket, fill your basket with the same stuff every visit, see the same people, do the same things – finally you are being forced to try new food, make new friends and have new experiences, and this can only be a good thing! it will help you to appreciate home more.

19Access new resources such as libraries and cultural centres, for fresh and inspiring information, perhaps from a different viewpoint.

20You are showing future employers (and yourself!) that you can be thrown in the deep end and cope with a variety of intense good and bad situations, and get something positive out of the experience. Your year abroad experiences are perfect interview fodder for their questions along the lines of “give me an example of when you excelled in a difficult situation”. Once you have set up a foreign bank account, found somewhere to live, registered to stay in your new city, got a tax code, matriculated at university and negotiated with a local, you feel like you can do anything in life!

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