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Infinite Opportunities

6 reasons to choose Adventus Education

We put the interests of you, our student customers, at the centre of everything we do. Your priorities are our priorities!

01We can offer the best advice on international education opportunities, with assistance from leading international education professionals, many of whom have worked directly for leading universities and colleges and are uniquely able to offer the best advice to you on what the best study route is.

02Adventus is a free advice service to you, your families, sponsors and/or school/college advisors

03We have the widest range of excellent international institutional partners representing many exciting destinations that will suit your academic abilities, career development needs and personal aspirations. We will action your decision or provide you with a short list of suitable options for you to consider

04Many world-class education providers work with us. They do this because we are highly trusted former international education professionals well known in the industry

05We advocate for our students with our partner institutions to get eh maximum scholarships and bursaries from our partners. Because eon the staff who work at Adventus we frequently negotiate bespoke and tailor made financial assistance programmes for the most gifted students.

06We can give advice and information to help you select the best study route that leads to the best career options for you.

8 reasons to choose Adventus Education

At Adventus we pride ourselves on giving students the best possible advice on the education choices available. As many of us are parents ourselves, we know that each student is a unique individual and needs specific educational and careers advice that suits their aims and objectives. Given the background and professional experience of Adventus staff we are very confident that we will give your loved ones the best possible advice, services and short list of study options possible.

We can do this because...

01We always act in our students (and their families) best interest.

02Many of the staff working at Adventus are former/current or teachers/academics/educators or international office directors this means we are unique able to give your children/relatives the best advice available.

03Many of the Adventus staff have worked and studies overseas themselves so they know the commitment this involves and will help you

04We only work with high quality education providers. These providers have a proven track record of success. Senior Adventus staff frequently screens these providers ensuring they are offering quality education provision that suits the markets we operate in.

05Through our network of institutional partners we can offer maximum choice of programmes, institutions and destinations matching students with the best possible options available for their ability, level and aspirations.

06We also take the hassle out of the entire process by dealing with the institutions on our clients behalf, making the process as quick and easy as possible..

07We are highly trusted by education institutions, sponsors, employers and government authorities (embassies and education promotion officers). This gives you confidence that letting us help you will lead to the right solutions/outcomes

08We advocate for your student clients for scholarships and bursaries form our partners. Because of the staff that work at Adventus we frequently negotiate bespoke and tailor made financial assistance programmes with our partner institutions for the most gifted students.

For Local Institutions

If you represent a local school, college, professional studies institution or university, Adventus can assist you find the best-fit international education partners in all the main destination countries that are of interest to your students. This will help increase your institutional brand visibility, provide study pathways for your students and professional development opportunities for your staff and all with the with quality partners overseas.

Because of the staff that work at Adventus who have years of international education experience, particularly selecting, matching and managing partnerships, we are uniquely able to help you find business and academically beneficial international partnerships- at all levels.

For International Education Providers

For quality education providers who wish to recruit in the countries Adventus operates in we can help you maximise your time, money and energy spent in the market. Adventus is unique as an educational advice service. We believe we are for the following reasons:

01Adventus is owned and managed by international education professionals many of whom have worked directly for universities and colleges and therefore will usually have an excellent appreciation of your institutional aims and objectives.

02Adventus can help you enter the markets we operate in, develop your institutional market profile and potential, develop the right marketing distribution channels, develop links with local institutions including negotiating articulation agreements, operate on shore offices or even setting up campuses. This makes Adventus the best choice local partner for your institutions.

03We can offer local facilitation services in terms of establishing an on shore market presence through our ‘Recruitment Services Representatives’ network were you can have an officer based in one of our offices working exclusively for you.

04We can facilitate the visits you make to the markets we operate in by developing and actioning visit and outreach plans, advise on marketing and promotional plans, media to use that best suits the market and support you at events including doing crucial follow up and conversion work (our staff have had world class training in conversion of students). We can even arrange local logistics such as hotels bookings and transportation.

05Given the staff that work for Adventus, we are also able to develop on and off line marketing communication solutions and plans for you (even when you cannot physically visit the markets we work in) that will get the maximum return on investment so that you get the best possible outcomes for your investment.

06We can give advice and information to help you select the best study route that leads to the best career options for you.

We hope to be your most productive local recruitment partner, helping you get the best market knowledge, brand visibility and the best-fit students for your institution.

4 reasons to choose Adventus Education

Adventus Education is one of the worlds leading education advisory services. Our senior staff have literally decades of experience in professional education placements and career development programmes. We are able to assist your organisations human resource development (HRD) objectives as follows:

01Advanced advice services on destinations, institutions and programmes that will best suit your organisations HRD requirements

02Assistance with the development of tailor made, long, medium and short-term courses that can be offered either in your own country or at one of our international study partners.

03Adventus can negotiate (on your behalf) to get reduced fees/ groups discounts and scholarships/ bursaries for talented members of your team.

04Access to the best institutions that match your organisations aims and objectives in the best possible time frames and getting you the best possible value for money.